Camp Coordination And Camp Management (CCCM)/Water Sanitation And Hygiene (WASH) Emergency Response

IOM’s Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) activities in Nigeria aim to ensure equitable access to assistance, protection and basic services for people displaced by the ongoing conflict in north-east Nigeria. By the end of 2017, 39 per cent of internally displaced persons (IDPs) resided in IDP camps, and 61 per cent in host communities.

To improve the quality of life, safety and dignity of internally displaced persons (IDPs), IOMs CCCM Site Facilitators support Nigeria’s National and State Emergency Management Agencies in managing 118 sites in Borno and 18 in Adamawa states. Mobile teams additionally support camps and IDPs residing in host communities in 7 locations in Borno and 4 in Adamawa states. To date, site management structures have been set up in 127 sites, and 6,596 site maintenance tool kits have been distributed to people in need. As part of its CCCM program, IOM also carries out regular camp management trainings, as well as shelter care and maintenance trainings.

IOM’s water, sanitation and hygiene promotion (WASH) activities are integrated into its shelter and CCCM program, to provide internally displaced populations have access to safe drinking water, and sanitation facilities. This lifesaving intervention involves constructing and upgrading latrine and bathing blocks; drilling and rehabilitating boreholes; constructing and improving drainage facilities; conducting hygiene promotion campaigns;  and cholera preparedness and response. 


For more information on IOM’s CCCM program, contact: Mika Mugogo, CCCM Officer



For more information on IOM’s WASH program, contact: Teshager Tefera, WASH Expert, (