Emergency Mental Health and Psychosocial Support for Affected Population in North East of Nigeria

As part of IOM’s Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) activities, multidisciplinary psychosocial support mobile teams have been providing services to internally displaced persons (IDPs) and host community members, since 2014. The teams composed of teachers, health care workers, counselors and social workers offer a range of services including recreational activities for children and youth, informal education for adults, counseling and support groups. Through sensitization and focus group discussions, PSS teams are key in engaging with the local communities to identify and address cross cutting issues on gender based violence (GBV), security, protection, and various life stressors in the conflict environment.

To strengthen the provision of MHPSS services, IOM additionally supports existing specialized mental health service facilities through the establishment of referral mechanisms, the rehabilitation of psychiatric wards, the training of mental health care workers and the deployment of psychiatric nurses into hard-to-reach areas.  

The project also offers integrated livelihood opportunities, as well as trainings on MHPSS interventions and MHPSS mainstreaming into the humanitarian response sectors and partners - including government, non-governmental actors, community leaders, United Nations agencies and civil society organizations.

Additionally, given the largescale protection concerns in the north east, IOM is ensuring protection mainstreaming throughout its emergency response. IOM has rolled out GBV trainings for various sectors, conducting safety assessments, and working with partners to ensure GBV mainstreaming throughout the humanitarian response.


For more information on this project, contact: Gladys Kios, Project Coordinator, Psychosocial Support (gkios@iom.int)