Long Term Agreement for Repairs and Maintenance of Generator Set

Title   Category Published Status Closing Date Related Files
Flight Ticketing and Booking Services   Services 30/10/2019 Open 08/11/2019 PDF
Request for Proposal for Security Guards    Services 29/10/2019 Open 06/11/2019 PDF
Request for Proposal from NGO/Service Provider Operating safe houses, rehabilitation shelters and other victim support service for vulnerable group   Service 31/10/2019 Open 18/11/2019

Procurement guidelines

IOM Code of Conduct

Request for Proposal and costings for shelter services


Supply of Shelter Material and Construction of Shelters in North East of Nigeria   Goods/Service 31/10/2019 Open 15/11/2019

Supply of Shelter Material


Shelter Item Specification



Request for Proposal for Service Providers Operating Safe Houses, Rehabilitation Shelters and Other Victim Support for Vulnerable Groups   Service 01/11/2019 Open 18/11/2019

Request for Proposal

Annex 7 Procurement Guidelines

Annex 5 Budget & Costing

IOM Code of Conduct

Repairs and Maintenance of Generator Set   Service 05.11.2019 Open 15/11/2019 PDF
Virtualization of MIDAS Central Server (VMware Vsphere 6) for the Nigeria Immigration Services (NIS)   Service 07.11.2019 Open 15/11/2019 PDF
Request for Quotation for Supply of Security X-ray baggage scanner   Goods 08.11.2019 Open 14/11/2019 PDF
Revised - Expression of Interest for Virtualization of MIDAS Central Server (VMware VSphere 6) for the Nigeria Immigration Services (NIS)   Services 13/11/2019 Open 22/11/2019

Expression of Interest document

Annex A

Long Term Agreement for Truck Rental in Borno, Yobe, Gombe, Bauchi, Adamawa & Taraba   Services 18/11/2019 Open 02/12/2019 PDF