IOM Nigeria Presents National Migration Policy to Government

The NMP was presented to Margaret Essien, the Acting Federal Commissioner at the National Commission for Refugees, Migrants and Internally Displaced Persons (NCFRMI) by IOM Chief of Mission in Nigeria Enira Krdzalic. Development of the NMP started in 2006 and on 13 May 2015, the policy was adopted by the Federal Executive Council. The adoption of the policy is one of the key achievements of IOM’s ongoing national 10th European Union-funded project: Promoting Better Management of Migration in Nigeria. The NMP and its plan of action provide an appropriate legal framework for monitoring and regulating internal and international migration, proper collection and dissemination of migration data. It addresses issues relating to diaspora mobilization, border management, decent treatment of migrants, internally displaced persons (IDPs), asylum seekers, and the role of civil society in migration management. Krdzalic called for institutional collaboration, coordination and the need to put in place a taskforce and machinery to increase awareness on the policy and engage more with the government for increased financial support towards the successful implementation of the policy action plan. She urged the Commission to ensure wide dissemination of the policy, as well as build synergies with other relevant institutions to establish mechanisms for smooth implementation of the policy in Nigeria. Essien thanked IOM for its support to the Commission to manage migration through capacity building, advisory services, financial and technical assistance on migration matters, development of the policy as well as its production. She promised to ensure wide dissemination of the policy to all relevant ministries, departments and agencies of government. She also pledged the Commission’s commitment to work with relevant institutions to ensure that the overall objective of the policy is realized. IOM is currently providing financial and technical support to the NCFRMI and the Nigeria Immigration Service to kick start the implementation of the policy’s action plan. The Commission is expected to work with the Technical Working Group on migration and development established by the project to ensure effective implementation of the policy in Nigeria. The NMP will, among other things, provide strategic direction for the efficient management of migration in and from Nigeria. It will serve as a blueprint for engaging governments, institutions, and all entities on migration and related issues that concern or affect Nigerians in the interest of the Government and people of Nigeria. For further information, please contact IOM Nigeria. Ikechukwu Hillarion Attah, Tel: +234 (0) 8036452973, Email: or Enira Krdzalic, Tel: + 0093794100526, Email:

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Monday, June 6, 2016