Trafficking in Persons

On World Day against Trafficking in Persons, IOM calls for renewed commitment against exploitation and trafficking

GENEVA, JULY 30, 2015 – Citing a new study, “Addressing Human Trafficking and Exploitation in Times of Crisis,” International Organization for Migration Director General William Lacy Swing called the exploitation and trafficking of victims, a growing phenomenon in a world awash in conflict and natural disasters.

“Trafficking in persons not only flourishes during a disaster, it is a direct result of disasters, every bit as much as the infrastructural damages, the loss of life or the food shortages which garner far more attention,” said Ambassador Swing.

Improving Skills and Knowledge to better Fight Trafficking In West Africa

Tuesday, July 28, 2015 - 21:45

With a fast-growing, young and increasingly urban population, West Africa is undergoing rapid changes in population dynamics, which affect migration patterns. Mobility - which remains predominantly internal and within the region - and its associated benefits, such as access to employment and remittances, represent a vital livelihood strategy for many West Africans and their families. However, mobility can also increase vulnerability to exploitation and trafficking in children, women and men for labour exploitation, domestic servitude, sexual exploitation and exploitation through begging.