IOM works with the Government of Nigeria, through the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) responsible for travel document issuance and border management in the country, as well as other government agencies who work on relevant topics such as identity management, to enhance their technical and operational capacities and facilitate inter-agency cooperation to ensure safe and regular movements of persons. IOM’s Migration Information and Data Analysis System (MIDAS) at the country’s land, sea and air borders enables the collection of electronic traveler data and serves as a foundation for modernizing and improving traveler processing at borders as well as strengthening the national agencies’ capacity in tackling irregular migration. IOM also provides technical solutions to the foreigner registration process which regularizes the status of migrants residing in the country.

Simultaneously, IOM provides continued capacity building and staff development opportunities to relevant government agencies and their personnel, based on their legal, technical and operational needs and requirements and in line with international standards and good practices. These efforts are essential for Nigeria’s national development, particularly in the regional context of the ECOWAS Protocol on Free Movement of Persons and they contribute to ensuring border security as well as travel and trade facilitation.