Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) is the technical sector that coordinates the temporary assistance and protection activities to internally displaced persons (IDPs) living in camps or camp-like settings (including all temporary communal shelter options such as formal camps, collective centres, communal buildings, spontaneous settlements, transit centres, evacuation centres, reception centres or those that may require relocation due to proximity to hazard, insecurity or eviction). It does this according to international and national legal protection frameworks to achieve minimum humanitarian standards through the participation of the affected population. CCCM is a cross-cutting sector that is both technical and social in its aim.

IOM CCCM is supporting the National Emergency Management Agency and the State Emergency Management Agency in managing camps and camp-like settings in North-East Nigeria since 2015. Currently, IOM is managing over 70 camps in Adamawa and Borno States.

Under the OFDA-funded project, “Improving Protection and Reducing Vulnerabilities of Crisis-affected Populations in North-east Nigeria”, IOM is funding three local NGOs – Smiling Hearts Initiatives International, Salient Humanitarian Organization, and Local Communities Development Initiative – to implement camp management activities in IDP sites within Maiduguri, Jere, and Konduga.

Prior to March 2021, the IDP sites in Konduga, namely Boarding school camp, Mashumari, Kaleri Abule, Fannamari, Dalorima, Fulatari, and Gaya Shuwari, were being supported by IOM, but these sites have since been handed over to Salient Humanitarian Organization as part of IOM’s effort in building local capacities and increasing access to assistance and protection to crisis-affected people in North-East Nigeria.