IOM and Nigeria Immigration Service Launch Personnel Training Resource Centre in Kwara State

Newly commissioned NIS Personnel Training Resource Centre (PTRC) in Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria. Photo @IOM 2022

ILORIN— The International Organization for Migration (IOM), in partnership with the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS), has launched a new Personnel Training Resource Centre (PTRC) at the Kwara State Command of the Service. This initiative is part of the ongoing "NIS Training Strategy Implementation Programme - Phase 2 (TSI-2) Project," led by IOM and funded by the Government of the Netherlands.

The project, which builds on the successful pilot phase, aims to enhance the capacity of border officials to address migration-related issues. It also seeks to raise awareness about the importance of continuously improving and monitoring the quality of border security and management. To date, more than 3,000 NIS officers and 190 NAPTIP officers have received training across nine established PTRCs nationwide, including those at NIS HQ, Abuja, as well as in Anambra, Edo, Cross River, Kano, Kebbi, Lagos, Borno, and Ogun State Commands.

The TSI-2 project is the result of an assessment conducted by IOM in 2014, which revealed challenges in the NIS training system, including long waiting periods for courses and limited opportunities for personnel to benefit from crucial training. To address these gaps, IOM and NIS jointly developed a new training strategy, adopted in 2015. The strategy emphasised the establishment of training centres equipped with modern facilities to serve as learning hubs at NIS commands across the country.

On September 28, 2023, this new PTRC was inaugurated at the NIS Command in Kwara State. The intervention is of particular significance as the command experiences growing migration and border operations, primarily driven by cross-border movements along its borders with the Benin Republic. The newly established PTRC is equipped with solar power, 12 computer systems, e-learning tablets, the Learning Management System (LMS), furniture, and other essential training materials and equipment. It is poised to provide training to NIS personnel as well as sister agencies such as NAPTIP and PHS.

“The PTRC in Kwara State is suitable and will meet the capacity development needs of personnel of the Nigeria Immigration Service and its sister agencies like NAPTIP and PHS”, remarked the Controller General of Immigration's Representative, CIS Aminu M. Shamsuddin.

Ms. Paola PACE, IOM Deputy Chief of Mission, highlighted the importance of the project, saying, "The project will provide NIS and sister agencies with the required knowledge and expertise in handling the growing migration challenges like irregular migration in the country and the region."

As part of the initiative, a comprehensive training curriculum, trainers' guide, and LMS have been developed for PTRCs. This will enable NIS officers to access regular training on the legal frameworks, policies, and regulations governing NIS operations. The project also includes a joint training component involving NIS, NAPTIP, and PHS, fostering synergy, interagency coordination, and cooperation in addressing migration challenges related to migrant smuggling and human trafficking in the country.

The launch of the Kwara State PTRC marks a significant milestone in advancing border security and management, as well as enhancing the response to migration challenges in Nigeria.


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